Reviewing and critiquing my peer’s pitches was an experience I found more valuable than first anticipated. Each pitch provided unique insights into aspects of the future that I hadn’t considered before. Completing this task helped me re-think my own DA and has even provided me with prompts I previously hadn’t considered.


My first comment was on Tahlia’s pitch about the future of content creation, with a focus on TikTok. She noted in her pitch she was tossing up between two ideas, but since then has chosen to stick with the TikTok idea. She rose some strong points about how newer forms of content creation differs from other platforms, and content is becoming increasingly shorter.

Tahlia mentioned “figuring out how to watch this trend and create an artefact out of it was my biggest bump in deciding what to pick for my DA this semester.” So I suggested she could explore the impact shorter form content is having on our attention spans and what this means for the future. I think I offered some valuable information and ideas that may help her define her DA. I linked some helpful resources, but in retrospect I could have found more academic sources to include.


My second comment was on Steff’s pitch about life after COVID-19. Reviewing this pitch proved beneficial with helping me re-think my own DA as they have similar aspects. She is aiming to create a series of blog posts and videos that explore what life after COVID-19 means for the future of trade, education, tourism, technology etc. In my comment I posed a question about how far in the future was she considering to look at. Defining this timeline could help narrow her research. I also talked about how this is the first pandemic where social media has been prevalent and wondered how this effects things. I was satisfied with the sources I provided as they were a mix between academic sources and news stories, but could have incorporated more links to the lectures.


My third comment was on Isabella’s pitch, “What does the future of feminism look like?” She’s planning on creating a series of blog style essays that look at feminist protagonists and themes from different kinds of media from the past, present and analyse how this could contribute to the future of feminism. I thought this DA had a lot of potential avenues to explore and mentioned that I’ve noticed a change in female representation over the years from viewing the films in class. In my comment I offered suggestions of other ways she could obtain feedback and linked an academic article I found that aligned well with her idea.

Feminism is a topic I know a sound amount of so for next time I would like to dedicate more time to researching topics I’m not completely familiar with in order to provide a more knowledgable engagement.


I found this task to be highly valuable as it helped me re-think my own DA as the pitches I commented on prompted new ideas to adapt in my own work. I enjoyed reviewing my peer’s worked and believed I made a reasonable attempt at offering insightful ideas and linking valuable resources. After reviewing my comments however, I feel as if I should have made more links to the lectures and reading materials as I am lacking this content in my comments.

For the next pitch feedback task I want to spend more time researching my peer’s topics to give them more evidence-based resources. For this exercise I spent probably 1-2 hours per pitch, but I would like to spend more time next time to really grasp a solid understanding of their topic.

I will also incorporate more sources from the lectures and readings as I feel I lacked this fundamental aspect. In the lead-up to the next pitch feedback task, I want to spend more time reviewing the lectures and going over readings to offer examples and ideas to my peers.

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