Before BCM325, live-tweeting was an activity I had previously been acquainted with. In addition to my (kinda shameful) Married at First Sight tweets, I previously experienced live-tweeting in BCM300, so when we started our live-tweeting sessions in week 1 I was fairly familiar with the process.

One thing I will continue to struggle with is multi-tasking. Watching (and analysing) the film, reading articles, finding information, tweeting, reading tweets and replying to tweets can all get a bit confusing and hard to stay on top of. Throw in working from home and the distractions of snacks and roommates it can become quite challenging. As I realised doing multiple tasks at once took away from the experience I altered my way of tackling things to help alleviate some of the challenging aspects.

The first week I took the ‘wing it’ approach. Viewing the lectures beforehand, but doing minimal to no research about the film before the viewing session. I was pretty much going in completely blind. This made it difficult to keep on top of tweeting, watching and researching at the same time.

As my live-tweeting skills were warmed up I decided to change my tactics and embark on some previous research to get the ball rolling. I read up on the synopsis, news articles, long-form reviews and fun trivia facts to curate some tweets before viewing. This helped immensely and freed up some time to actually watch (and enjoy) the movie. I was able to engage with my peers a lot better and was able to pick up on movie nuances a lot more. Let’s break it down.

WEEK 1- Metropolis

The 1927 silent German film directed by Fritz Lang explores the dynamics of a highly stylised futuristic utopia existing above a bleak underworld populated by mistreated workers. Tweeting in Week 1 got off to a slow start. I hadn’t done much prior research and my first few tweets reflected the basic level preparation I had done.

I was slightly disappointed with my week 1 efforts as I only engaged with a handful of my peers. I made a promise to myself to make week 2 better.

WEEK 2- 2001: A Space Odyssey

This week I made a conscious effort to put more time into live tweeting. I engaged with more of my peers and allocated time to research the film more in-depth.

As much as I found the film a bit slow-paced and (at times) boring, I found the background information interesting. I put more effort in to research and this reflected in my tweets. Week 2 I also set a goal to do more self-analysis of the movie in addition to researching. I noticed there were a lot very familiar classical music pieces so I took this analysis and backed it up with research that confirmed what I noticed.

WEEK 3- Westworld

The first week of home tweeting took a little bit of adjusting, but my new setup was in bed so I wasn’t complaining too much. In my third week of live-tweeting and movie viewing I began noticing similarities and differences between previous films and reflecting on how they all represented the future. Combining lectures, reading materials and viewing – along with working on my DA – I felt that week 3 was when my understanding and knowledge on future studies came together.

I began using my past experience and knowledge of sci-fi films to analyse Westworld and draw conclusions to the meaning of the movie. I also began asking more questions instead of just tweeting with no call to action. I found my tweets that prompted discussion caused more engagement.

WEEK 4 – Blade Runner

Week 4 was when I really tried to engage with the lecture material and do prior research to enhance my engagement. I highly enjoyed Blade Runner and the live-tweeting experience. I found myself replying to more tweets and engaging on a more academic level.

I also tried to connect Blade Runner with previous films and analyse nuances that reflect future studies. I also tried asking more questions to prompt conversation with my peers. Overall week 4 was my best week for live-tweeting and I was happy with my efforts for this week.

WEEK 5- Minority Report

I was unable to attend the live-tweeting session this week which definitely impacted on the quality of my tweets and experience overall. I didn’t get to enjoy the experience of watching a movie at the same time as my peers and couldn’t engage in conversation with them at the same time either. In the future I will try to avoid missing a live-tweeting session as it takes away from experience and the purpose. Alas, I live-tweeted the movie by myself and here is what I had to say:

Overall, the first 5 weeks of live-tweeting was a positive learning experience. As the weeks went on I got better with research and adding substance to my tweets. I started engaging with lecture content and asking questions to encourage conversation. There are a number of things I can and will do better for the next round of live-tweeting.

  1. Reference more to lecture content. I believe my downfall with this is not making thorough enough notes when I watch the lectures. This will be a big goal of mine to assure I can link content material and films. This will provide more valuable interaction and conversation with my peers.
  2. Engage with my peers more and participate in conversation. As I focus on watching the movie and live-tweeting my own thoughts, interacting with my peers often falls by the wayside. For the next round of tweets I’m going to make it a goal to respond to more tweets, I believe this will enrich my experience.

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