Reviewing my peers Beta videos provided me with more insight into the world of cyberculture and future studies, along with prompting new ideas that I can implement in my own DA. In my pitch comments I concluded the blog post with saying next time I hope to do more research into my peers topic to offer more valuable feedback. I definitely dedicated more time to researching my peers topics this time and hope that they can utilise my feedback to enhance their final DA.

Comment 1:

My first comment was on Julia’s beta video. Julia’s DA addresses the future of technology and cyberculture through digital picture edits. She has explored different mediums to share her edits and used feedback loops to help her design edits that optimise engagement.

In my comment I focussed on where she could share her edits. She was already posting on Instagram and TikTok, but I pointed out the possibility of sharing her art on Pinterest, along with adding an article that backed my claims. I believe I added valuable suggestions in terms of how she can distribute her art and get it seen by an audience. After research into cyberculture on Pinterest I discovered there is definitely a niche market there that could enhance her engagement.

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Comment 2:

For my second comment I went to Tijana’s blog and watched her Beta video on her blog post series on the future prediction industry. This is a topic I’m somewhat familiar with so I was able to offer some distribution ideas that could be effective to grow an audience.

I suggested she could benefit from creating a podcast. This would be a great way to explore her topics and an engaging way to conduct interviews. I also provided her with a link to a news article that explores the growth in spiritual businesses during COVID-19- an aspect that would help her explore what the future means for these businesses.

Reflecting on my comment, I wish I referenced more lecture material and evidence that backed up my claims. I believe this would make my suggestions stronger.

Comment 3:

For my third comment I found Bianca’s blog and watched her pitch video and read a few of her DA blog posts. Bianca is creating a blog series comparing Black Mirror episodes to the present with a goal of exploring future topics in present day to help students in the future understand the disparities.

In my comment I provided a journal article that addressed her topic really well and suggested creating YouTube videos or TikTok’s to address a different audience. I believe creating mini videos could bring attention back to her blog, ultimately giving more feedback.

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