As the semester comes to an end so does the weekly live-tweeting. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this past semester in #BCM325 and am grateful it’s given me the opportunity to watch many films I wouldn’t normally watch, learn topics I had little knowledge about, and introduced me to classic movie references I previously didn’t understand.

In my first tweet reflection I concluded I wanted to do better on some things for my second reflection:

  1. Reference more to lecture content. I believe my downfall with this is not making thorough enough notes when I watch the lectures. This will be a big goal of mine to assure I can link content material and films. This will provide more valuable interaction and conversation with my peers.
  2. Engage with my peers more and participate in conversation. As I focus on watching the movie and live-tweeting my own thoughts, interacting with my peers often falls by the wayside. For the next round of tweets I’m going to make it a goal to respond to more tweets, I believe this will enrich my experience.

I can say I definitely started paying more attention to the lectures, writing more notes and doing more research. I tried to reflect this in the tweets. I also tried to engage in more conversations compared to the first 6 weeks. Here is a break down.

Ghost in the Shell:

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screen-shot-2020-06-05-at-1.05.03-pm.png

I started off making references to the lectures – in particular transhumanism and cyberpunk. During the screening I tried to look out for references to these topics. I also tried to engage in more conversation. This week was a good start to my goals that I set for myself in my first tweet reflection, but I lacked depth in both my tweets and replies.

The Matrix:

This week I provided resources, articles and ideas to explore. This tweet in particular prompted great conversation from not only #BCM325 students, but also people outside of the course. I asked a question and engaged in the conversation that followed. It’s also a very interesting topic and some great resources were left in the thread that I followed up on after class.

I tried to explore different topics that linked to both the movie and external topics, including past screenings. The more movies we watched and the more research I did, the more obvious the connection between all films, lecture topics and readings became.

The more research I did on each film, the more I understood the concepts as well. It was interesting to learn about what happened in the background and the process that went in to creating iconic films.

Along with the tweets shown above, I also addressed the fashion in the Matrix, provided more articles that explored concepts shown in the lectures, and engaged more with other students’ tweets. It was definitely an improvement from the week before.

Robot and Frank:

This was a wholesome movie that took a slightly different approach to past screenings. Most of the other films left me feeling a little bit drained, but Robot and Frank was a much light-hearted viewing. Although different in some ways, it still explored similar ideas we’ve seen in other films:

Robot and Frank also explored topics that I personally had some experience with, allowing me to participate in conversations

The film prompted me to think about possibilities for the future, such as the potential for robots to become a big part of our daily life.

I think each movie prompted me to consider the future in a different way. Especially the second half of the semester, I really started to grasp the future studies concept and started seeing the future in a different way.

Blade Runner 2049:

I’ll admit this was a poor week for me. I watched the lecture and had my notes ready, but ended up falling asleep half way through. I did manage to get one tweet out, before accidentally closing my eyes for way too long…

I contemplated putting this tweet in, but upon reflection it taught me to get a better night sleep and prioritise what’s important in the future.

Alita Battle Angel:

This movie was visually stunning and captivating. It was interesting to learn about the technological advances needed to bring this film to life.

I enjoyed following along with my peers comments this week. This thread in particular explored nuances in the film and provided great insight.

I noticed that this week especially there were plenty of external people (not in BCM325) engaging in conversation about the movie and it was great to hear their comments and opinions. It’s great that #BCM325 can start a conversation with it’s students and outside people.


An insightful and powerful documentary that provided some much needed positivity. This screening was vastly different to those we watched before, but still addressed the future.

It was easy to compare it to other climate change documentaries and notice the vast disparities between them. A big stand-out of 2040 compared to past viewings was the visuals and depiction of the future, with 2040 painting the future in a positive light.


This was a very valuable subject and helped me develop my live-tweeting skills. Reflecting on my tweets and subject participation overall, I wish I participated in more conversations on Discord and on Twitter. The transition to working from home, along with moving houses in the middle of a pandemic impacted on this, but for future BCM subject I know what I can improve on and now know how I can do it.

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