My DA: https://www.instagram.com/open_illawarrabusinesses/ DA Slides: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1N-top3bF7gy_kWgRR7T0jhagqv31p6B5-uvH7NDo8Qk/edit?usp=sharing CONCEPT: The global pandemic forced businesses around the world to shut their doors and adapt to new circumstances. The vision behind my DA was to create a platform where small businesses in the Illawarra can promote their business, while simultaneously helping consumers easily find and support local businesses. MyContinue reading “DA + CONTEXTUAL ESSAY”


As the semester comes to an end so does the weekly live-tweeting. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this past semester in #BCM325 and am grateful it’s given me the opportunity to watch many films I wouldn’t normally watch, learn topics I had little knowledge about, and introduced me to classic movie references I previously didn’t understand. InContinue reading “TWEET REFLECTION PART 2”


OVERVIEW: Reviewing and critiquing my peer’s pitches was an experience I found more valuable than first anticipated. Each pitch provided unique insights into aspects of the future that I hadn’t considered before. Completing this task helped me re-think my own DA and has even provided me with prompts I previously hadn’t considered. COMMENT 1: MyContinue reading “FEEDBACK AND REFLECTION”