I’m a communications and media student with experience in social media marketing and copywriting. I’m interested in



  • Competent with WordPress, Microsoft Suite, and MailChimp.
  • Experience, Final Cut Pro, Shorthand, Hindenburg, Photoshop and Canva.
  • Experience in managing and creating written and visual content for a blog.


  • Comprehensive understanding of social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.
  • Experience in social media analytics, including content production and paid ads for Facebook pages and Instagram business profiles. 
  • Ability to create and manage social media profiles, proven by achieving a Facebook audience reach of over 12,000. 
  • Experience in social media content creation.


  • Competent in sourcing and writing news stories, along with proficient interviewing skills, demonstrated by receiving distinctions in Journalism. 
  • Experience with audio and film equipment, along with sound editing skills, established through receiving distinctions in Digital Media. 


  • Strong written and oral communications skills developed through multiple years of public speaking and school leadership roles. 
  • Confident communicator with an interest in assisting customers, achieved through seven years of customer service. 
  • Creative mind with a passion for writing and ability to think outside the box.

Work experience and Internships

EQ Minds

Social Media and Marketing Associate

  • Responsible for managing and growing Pinterest account exemplified by a 348%  growth in Impressions 201% growth in Engagements in one month.
  • Designs posts for Pinterest/Facebook/Instagram using Canva.
  • Creates content schedule via Later.
  • Experience with community management.
  • Writes copy for all social media platforms

IRT Group

Media and Communications Officer

  • Conducted a social media audit and offered suggestions for improvements.
  • Conducted interviews for news stories.
  • Wrote news stories and content marketing articles for the IRT website.
  • Experience with writing social media captions for Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Experience with SEO and social media analytics.
  • Collated daily news stories to send to employees
  • Experience with Isentia, Hootsuite, SproutSocial and Google Data Studio.

The Good Place

Social Media and Marketing Assistant

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  • Writing educational captions for Instagram and Facebook posts.
  • Writing press releases for new products and store openings.
  • Responsible for producing PR lists and networking with influencers.
  • Presented weekly social media analytics reports.
  • Responsible for writing content for blogs.
  • Conducts market research and presents proposals for improvements to marketing activities.
  • Experience with creating Facebook events and image and film creation.


Social and Digital Marketing Coordinator

  • Responsible for maintaining mailing lists and creating email campaigns, along with sending promotional emails to contact groups. 
  • Experience with setting up Google Analytics to track web page visits. 
  • Responsible for editing content for ADHERe social media outlets and web pages. 
  • Regularly posts ADHERe Twitter and Facebook updates. 
  • Networks with potential avenues for ADHERe to advertise and work with. 
  • Experience in sourcing information and writing a social media business plan.
  • Currently reviewing the ADHERe website and suggesting improvements.
  • Experience with mailing lists including MailChimp.

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